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CES 2009, Las Vegas NV

Musician III

The Heart of the Matter

Square Wave

When we were kids, back in the 50s and 60s, we, the music lovers and stereo source searchers, all knew that a perfect square wave was unattainable. The desire, of course, was a square wave in and an identical square wave out. Well, the Heathkits, Scotts, Allied and the like, weren't even close. Today, we are much closer to this perfection. Spectron Audio... take a look inside!

Spectron's class-D power amp modules, in powers from 125 Wpc to 550 Wpc, offer unprecedented efficiency and sound quality ...


Musician III inside

Musician III Mk2 is  capable to operate in mono balanced mode resulting in spectacular improvement in dynamics and resolution of detail.

Premiere combines multi channel home theater capability with audiophile sound quality. It uses the same amplifier technology as the renowned Musician.