Spectron Cables

Spectron Power Cords

Next Generation Remote Sense Speaker Cables

The new Remote Sense Mk2 Speaker Cables were designed to make the most of the latest Spectron amplifier designs by including the loudspeaker within the high speed digital feedback loop using finest alloys available. This leads to a dramatic reduction in the errors from the loudspeaker all the way back to the amplifier's input..
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Spectron Remote Sense Speaker Cables

Next Generation Power Cords

The newly developed Spectron Audio power cords, THUNDER Mk2 & THUNDERBOLT Mk2 are large but flexible AC cords made specifically for the very high power demands of Spectron Musician III and similar amplifiers.
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Musician III SE is also capable to operate in mono balanced mode resulting in dramatic improvements in dynamics and details.


Premiere combines multi channel home theater capability with audiophile sound quality. It uses the same amplifier technology as the renowned Musician.