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We now offer COMPLETE CONTROL...

Remote Sense is a special purpose speaker cable designed to be used with certain Spectron amplifiers. These cables literally extend the feedback loop of the amplifier all the way to the speakers. In amplifier design, feedback is utilized in order to increase bandwidth and reduce distortion and noise. Including the speaker cable in the ultra fast feedback loop of the Spectron amplifier leads to a reduction in the errors from the loudspeaker all the way back to the amplifier?s input. Test measurements demonstrate that under examination distortion at the speaker end was significantly less with the Remote Sense technology.

All models of Musician III have rear panel connectors and the required circuitry to accept these cables. Using one amplifier (in stereo mode), this is implemented by the use of a special four conductor speaker cable with a Neutrik termination that mates to the Neutrik input connector on the rear of the Musician III. Two of the leads connect the amplifier to the speaker just like a conventional system. The second pair senses the actual voltage at the speaker end of the cable and feeds it back to the amplifier. In monoblock configuration, Remote Sense consists of two separate cables: one for signal transmission as in conventional speaker cables and another for the feedback signal. They are also terminated with Neutrik connectors that mate to the Neutrik binding posts on the rear of the Spectron amplifier.

The next generation of Spectron Remote Sense Speaker Cables were designed to make the most of the latest Spectron designs by including the loudspeaker within the high speed digital feedback loop. The new Remote Sense cables feature new highly sophisticated alloys consisting of gold, silver and the purest stress-free copper (99.999997%) - 10 fold improvement over older designs. Advanced vibration control, the best copper foil EMI/RFI protection, an ultra low noise path from wall to components and particularly, specially developed dielectric materials maintain the integrity of the signal. Your system will get an articulated low frequency bass response, while depicting in stunning 3D all small, delicate, lifelike nuances of the midrange and extended highs.

The next generation of Remote Sense Cables, incorporated within the Spectron total feedback design, create an amplification system which allows for lightning fast detailed bass while maintaining cleanliness through the mids and into the high frequencies normally polluted by lower frequency distortions and their inherent harmonics. Other audio amplifiers lose control past their own output terminals - not this system! Thus, no other high-end audio amplifier on the market can come close to the resulting improved speed and dynamics, particularly in controlling more demanding loudspeakers or long cable lengths.

Think about the ultimate amplifier where the cables were specifically designed to no longer be a limitation to the raw abilities of one of the finest high speed amplifiers available, and where any loudspeaker or load is dynamically compensated for as if the amp was designed exclusively for the loudspeaker. These cables provide an effortless response to the music, total control over the loudspeaker, and a reduction of low level distortions from the input of the amplifier to the loudspeaker itself!


Neutrik Speakon´┐┐ connectors (employed at amplifier end) are the gold standard in pro audio for their novel wipe contacts, 30 amp rating and durability. Made in Switzerland, Neutrik connectors are considered by pros to be the highest quality available. To be compatible with regular speaker binding posts, Spectron employs the best conventional termination: Rhodium/Silver plated spades and bananas for regular Remote Sense Mk2, RS, cable and the best in the industry Bocchino Technology spades or bananas for the Remote Sense Signature Mk2.

Upgrade Path:

There are two levels of Remote Sense Mk2 Cables: RS (10 awg) and RS Signature (7 awg). Both are based on the Spectron circuitry and increasingly sophisticated levels of Spectron cabling. RS is very flexible and offers excellent tonal balance and resolution for most loudspeakers. RS Signature moves into a higher level of performance, allowing resolution and refinement second to none, easily coupling the Spectron amp to any demanding loudspeaker with impeccable dynamics and clarity.

Spectron Audio maintains a continuous upgrade path for all its amplifier users. Owners of even older Musician II amplifiers can upgrade to the electronics of the current Musician III Mk2. This assures the preservation of an initial investment in a Spectron amplifier. Although it is impossible to upgrade cable made of one alloy to another, we have initiated a trade-up program for the next generation Remote Sense Cables. Call us for details.


If you own bi-wired speakers, we strongly suggest complementing your Remote Sense Cables with matching Bi-wired Jumpers or companion speaker cables from Spectron which are made of similar materials as your Remote Sense Cables. In that case you will maintain the highest possible signal integrity throughout. Contact Spectron Audio for more information so we can tailor it to your individual needs.


Pricing for Remote Sense Cables is the same for one amplifier (stereo) configuration or for dual amplifiers (monoblock) configuration. If you own a single stereo amp and decide to purchase a second amplifier to use as monoblocks, just send your stereo Remote Sense Cables to Spectron, and for a nominal fee they will be converted (re-terminated) into the monoblock configuration.


Remote Sense - for  monoblock

RemoteSense RS Mk2 Standard Loudspeaker cables, Introductory Price:
1.5 m (5ft) pair: US $995 (MSRP-$1,499.95) + $100 per each additional 0.5m

Biwire Jumpers for RS Mk2 Standard come with Rhodium/Silver plated spades (8 mm): $275 per set of four (0.25 m length)

Remote Sense Signature - for  stereo


Remote Sense RS Mk2 Signature Loudspeaker cable, Introductory Price:
1.5 m (5ft) pair: US $1,850 (MSRP-$2,995) + $250 per each additional 0.5m

Biwire Jumpers for RS Mk2 Signature come with Bocchino spades or bananas: $995 per set of four (0.25 m length)

Contact Spectron Audio for more information on these exciting next generation Remote Sense Cables.

A Few Comments from Our Users:

"The overriding impression is that the cable has become part of the amp, as you intended, allowing it to exhibit it's qualities to the best advantage. This results in an outstanding sense of speed and control from top to bottom... more layered front to back and minute details are resolved while remaining part of the whole, all of them staying in their proper place and balance. Over time the treble has become sweet and distended, voices are beautifully rendered, as are instrument timbres and spacial information. When sudden dynamic changes occur they pop like never before, and the sense of rhythmic drive your combo can whip up is thrilling to say the least. Bass is controlled and resolved to a degree I have not dared hope for or thought my speakers capable of."
-Poul E. San Francisco, CA

"... The sound is UNBELIEVABLE, simply astonishing! I honestly didn't think it could get any better. The base notes are a lot punchier than before. The sound is just effortless from top to bottom. Another attribute of Remote Sense cables is vastly improved three-dimenshionality of the soundstage representation. "there" is really there and in a such degree that its simply stunning."
- John P. Baltimore, MD

"...Last night put Peterson on Telarc. WOW they were right there in front of me I must be blind I couldnt see them..."
- Rupert R. Sydney, Australia

"[Remote Sense] work synergistically with the Spectron amp and much better than the earlier versions which I also have"
-Robert. T. Honolulu, HI


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Musician III SE is also capable to operate in mono balanced mode resulting in dramatic improvements in dynamics and details.


Premiere combines multi channel home theater capability with audiophile sound quality. It uses the same amplifier technology as the renowned Musician.