SPECTRON AUDIO Quality Assurance & Service

Spectron designs and engineers both audiophile and professional audio class-D amplifiers, and these products, engineered on the cutting edge of technology, must be extremely rugged and exceptionally reliable! "Cutting edge", however, means that some of our early models were prone to manufacturing "bugs". The recent introduction of more and more robotic functions during the manufacturing process, as well as strict environmental controls, has dramatically improved reliability.

Moreover, all Spectron products undergo a 7-10 day burn-in period.

All components also undergo a series of quality control tests wherein all mechanical and electrical assemblies are examined, culminating in the final listening test.

Each and everyone of the Spectron production units is signed off by our QC engineer, who has 20 years’ experience in military electronics and is NASA certified.

The amplifiers and boards are built into rugged board holders and metal chassis.

All Spectron products are precision built in the USA by experienced electronics production craftspeople.

If a problem ever does develop, we do whatever it takes to have you listening again in the shortest possible time. Our service philosophy is simple: we treat you the way we'd want to be treated. We know how traumatic it can be to have a fine component out of your system.

We ask that you first contact your dealer if your Spectron component needs service. Minor problems can often be resolved at the dealer, avoiding further delay. If you are no longer near a dealer, contact us via e-mail or by phone. Frequently, we will diagnose the problem over the phone and then, if needed, we can send the part for easy replacement to your dealer or to you (It could be particularly handy when you are located far away from us). If the problem is outside the scope of local or dealer support, we will make the repair at the factory. Please obtain an RA number from us before shipping. Note: units received at the factory for repair are given priority over new production.

Today, the average time for a factory repair of an amplifier is 6 business days, and the recent longest has been 15 business days.
In brief, we want to keep you enjoying the magic of music with Spectron Audio.

Musician III inside

Musician III is Spectron's top of the line class-D stereo amplifier. It has the sonic performance and power to satisfy everyone.


Premiere combines multi channel home theater capability with audiophile sound quality. It uses the same amplifier technology as the renowned Musician.