Upgrades to the Musician III Mk2
Upgrades to the Musician III Signature  
Upgrades to the Musician III
Upgrades to the Premiere
Musician II - HYBRID PLUS Upgrade

Upgrades to the Musician III Mk2
V-Cap Upgrade
This upgrade is "supplementary" or quantitative - it improves upon existing sonic characteristics by the addition in the power supplies of very high quality Oil and Teflon capacitors. These capacitors in the power supplies are responsible for additional "finesse" and "liquidity" which are never enough in any amplifier.

Super-Effect Bybee Purifiers
This upgrade is "complimentary" - it adds a different quality; the palpability, presence and 3D body that up to now only a tube amp, particularly SET could provide. The Super-Effect Bybee Purifiers  are described in more detail by Bybee Technology (see Golden Goddess 'Super Effect' Speaker Bullets, MSRP: $4,200) The identical set of the Purifiers is now offered by Bybee in his power cord for $3,295 (read review). The main difference is that we install these filters between the transformer, and the diode bridges where their effect is maximum.

Premium Fuses Upgrade
This upgrade consists of Pure Transmission "slow blow" Furutech Main Fuse and Four deep cryogenically "fast blow" cryogenically treated ceramic CryoParts Rail Fuses. Improves signal transfer dramatically reducing "fog", grain and noise.

Premium Fuse Upgrade - $100
V-cap Upgrade - $850
Bybee Upgrade - $1500

Note: please, place your order for these upgrades before your amplifier is assembled.

Upgrade the Monoblocks: Jumper between two XLR or two RCA inputs: $50 per amplifier.

Upgrades to the Musician III Signature 
The new Mk2 model features an improved input stage and a re-designed, simplified output stage. It incorporates numerous upgraded parts throughout, including totally re-engineered power switching modules, new audiophile-quality hook-up wire, and custom-designed capacitors in the sonically crucial reconstruction filter.

This upgrade from the Signature to the Mk2 is available, at a cost of $695 plus shipping to and from the factory.

Bybee Upgrade - $1,550

Upgrades to the Musician III
This upgrade includes the Signature upgrade which consists of a totally redesigned power supply with 100 filtering capacitors, redesigned input stage, redesigned reconstruction filter and RF filtering circuit, improved current transfer and improved vibration control, high quality Cardass binding posts as well as a number of other improvements.  This upgrade also includes Mk2 upgrade described above. These results in:

  • Increased bandwidth from 60 kHz to 100kHz;
  • ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) is dropped more then 20 times,
  • SNR (estimate) is increased by about 10 dB.
  • The new ultra-low distortion level does not change with output, whether that output is 1 watt or the full output of 600 watts.
  • Peak power is more then 3500 Watts per channel over 0.5 second, providing vastly increased headroom.

Price: $1,595 plus shipping
Bybee Upgrade - $1,500

All Musician III amplifiers can be upgraded to black anodized faceplate. If ordered before assembly then free. Upgrade from silver faceplate to black faceplate: $100

Upgrades to the Premiere
Mk2 upgrade includes everything described in Musician III  Mk2 Upgrade except rebuilt power supply and Cardass binding posts.

Price: $300 per channel (any number of channels) plus shipping.
Super-Effect Bybee Purifiers $1,500 per power supply - up to a total of two

Musician II - HYBRID PLUS Upgrade
This upgrade is, in essence, the creation of a practically new product - the Musician Hybrid Plus. This new amp is based on your Musician II which will have 3 out of 4 boards being replaced with new Musician III Mk2 electronics which includes the heart and soul of the Musician III Mk2 - new redesigned "digital" modules giving the non-artificial life-like sound described in many reviews.

The sound is much better than a Musician II and almost indistinguishable from a Musician III SE. Veil is gone and holographic depiction of soundstage is expanded. Bass is deeper, richer and with greater slam. The specs are also very similar to that of the Musician III Mk2. Naturally, the look is still an elegant Musician II look.

All work is done at Spectron;  Musician Hybrid Plus also comes with a FULL 3-YEAR MANUFACTURER's WARRANTY. Considering that a new Musician IIIMk2costs $7,195, it's the best deal in town!

Price: $1,295 plus shipping
Bybee Upgrade - $1,500

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Musician III inside

Musician III SE Mk2 is  capable to operate in mono balanced mode resulting in spectacular improvement in dynamics and resolution of detail.

Premiere combines multi channel home theater capability with audiophile sound quality. It uses the same amplifier technology as the renowned Musician.